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May 18, 2016
Posted in: Update
Bathrooms: The Final Frontier

It’s tempting to feel smug about our relatively progressive country when we look to the south.

In particular, it’s fun to watch North Carolina Governor McCrory try to explain why he thinks his state’s bathroom bill is appropriate for safety reasons when not one case has ever been prosecuted in all of the United States.

And we cheer when corporations like PayPal pull their planned investment and Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen refunds tickets rather than play there.

Several other states are considering implementing similar bills though so pressure will have to be sustained to beat back this lunacy.

Last month I urged everyone to get on the phone to their local school about gender neutral washrooms. But we shouldn’t stop there.

Trans people here are regularly challenged when using the bathroom of their choice. Ignorant and ill-informed Torontonians are policing our stalls.

My gender queer child is challenged no matter where she goes. For kids like her, no maternal prompting to go before leaving home is required. She crawls over moviegoers during the screening to avoid the crowds of disapproving matrons after the show. Or she goes with a friend who can vouch for her. Nothing is simple when you are different.

But somehow we manage this effortlessly at home. So until all bathrooms are gender neutral – just like home – we need to keep talking about this. Ironically, McCrory has given this issue much-needed volume. Let’s crank it up.

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